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Triage is seeking collaborators to serve in ongoing roles as editorial staff members. Our search targets, but is not limited to, editors for all types of media, social media gurus, and artists with a penchant for publishing. Given that Triage is a budding health humanities blog, you will play a role in shaping its editorial content and future direction. We are accepting individuals from all corners of the medical community, whether at the beginning of their training or steeped in decades of experience. We are based in Providence, Rhode Island, but are expanding our team nationally with the goal of cultivating a network among multiple institutions, professions, and specialties. 


All staff positions are unpaid. Please email us here with questions or a brief bio and CV if you are seeking a position. 


Triage is a space for ideas, opinions and voices. We know you’re busy. To that end, we seek out and offer short pieces to take with you, provoke discussion, or share an experience that may or may not resonate with your own. Triage wants healthcare providers to take control of the discourse. We invite you to join us as a reader, participant and contributor.

We welcome the voices of not only anyone who participates in the care of patients, but also those who work in non-clinical roles both inside and outside of medicine.  

Guidelines | Mediums

Triage accepts submissions of all types of visual media, audio recordings including music and spoken word, as well as prose and poetry that engages the complex and provocative questions that surround the care of patients

The ideal prose submission is around 500 words and typically no more than 750 words. For poetry, pieces less than 750 words are ideal but contact us with questions. We encourage honesty and transparency while also expecting writing that’s respectful. Please consider if you would you feel comfortable sharing your piece with people you respect. Our aim is to promote conversation and create a safe space to explore difficult topics.

Submit to

Include your name and the title of your piece in the subject line.

Not Sure?


We do not seek only the work of seasoned writers and artists. Community is fundamental to what we are building. Novice writers and first-time submitters are welcome. Eliminating the hurdles that keep your voice or Art from being included is important to Triage. We include below a number of prompts to help you get started and a tutorial on writing short. 

Looking for Inspiration?

  • When do you feel like your personal identity conflicts with your professional identity?

  • What is your deepest fear as a physician or physician in training?

  • If you could change one thing about your medical practice or education, what would that be and why? Does you have a suggestion on how to change it?

  • Do you wear a white coat? Why or why not?

  • Can you name a challenge in your practice that medical training or medical school didn’t prepare you for?

  • Do you take your ER shift home with you? What do you think about? If you don’t, did you ever?

  • Do you see working in healthcare as a job or vocation?

  • Consider a recent story or text that you read, how do you relate this to your work in health care?

Good Luck and Thank You,

The Editors of Triage

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