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#13 Your Routine? #4 Pet Thinking? #1 Really Want to Say?

photo credit: Thomas Griesbeck, Unsplash

When you go home, what's your routine for going from work (COVID) to regular life?

Leave shoes outside, strip and throw all clothes in laundry upon entering home. Try to avoid all eye contact with child so she doesn't loose her mind at seeing me and quickly go and jump in the shower.

Take off my shoes at the door. Wash my hands, put my phone in a tanning bed thing my mom gave me. Wash my hands again. Take off my scrubs and put them directly into the wash. Wash my hands and turn on the shower. Go to the bathroom, wash my hands. Shower. Wash my hands. Get changed. Get my phone out of the tanning bed and wipe it down with a clorox or alcohol wipe. Wash my hands. Then I can go back to regular life.

Decontaminate as much as possible.

Decon right when I get into the house.

Decontamination before leaving the hospital. I'm thankful for the use of hospital scrubs on-shift and a warm shower post-shift, on the premises—a routine that is completely new. It probably provides little added security for my family's health, but it's something I can do to try to quell my nerves and theirs.

Always change into clean scrubs before leaving the hospital, wash hands again, put on handmade mask. sanitizer in the car. Mask off and wash hands again when home. Shower/change out of scrubs.

Leave my shoes outside. Go straight to laundry room and take off all my clothes straight into washing machine, wipe down my phone, hands and outside of washing machine then shower and go to bed.

Wear hospital scrubs at work and change into street clothes before I leave hospital. I leave everything hospital related and my work shoes in the car. Get almost naked on front porch (my neighbors have stopped complaining—finally), everything goes right into the washer, I shower and scrub everything, and get into New clothes. Then I decontaminate everything that was in my pockets. Then, wash hands again.

I change before leaving work. Leave my clothes there. Change my shoes. Spray everything once I walk in the door anyway. Wash hands. I can't bear to shower every day.

Nothing different.

Strip upon entering the house. Clothes go in the wash, run upstairs to the shower while my kid yells "You're dirty!" at me.

Stripping down, showering, washing face with soap, washing cell phone.

Strip down and shower.

Strip down in the mud room, throw everything into the washing machine, and running to the shower.

Strip as soon as I hit the door, scrubs immediately into the washing machine, then getting myself into the shower. Lysol the shoes, phone, keys, and wallet.

Strip>Do laundry>Take a shower. That’s it.

photo credit: Chrissie Kremmer, Unsplash

Shower and change.

Shower. I can't not shower before returning to the world.

I shower immediately after work and wash my clothes.

A shower.

Shower immediately

Shower. A long one.

Wash hands thoroughly, shower, glass of wine.

Shower at work, wear clean clothes, drive home listening to NPR or audiobook, put work clothes directly into washing machine, clean all equipment, give my wife a hug and kiss.

All my hospital work is 24 hour calls, so come home, take a shower, have coffee, then sleep for the day.

It has not changed much except for washing my hands well before I leave and when I get home.

No routine.

I don't really have a routine other than changing and such at the hospital, commuting, then eating, drinking and urinating when I get home.


Having a beer.

Stop in my garage, drop my shoes and bag-step into the laundry room and strip-go shower. Then wipe down door knobs, car door steering wheels etc.—then pour a glass of wine.

Long. Tiring. Draining.

Straight to bathroom, scrubs in separate laundry bin with a lid, shower immediately. Family won't let me touch anything

Play animal crossing.

Never bring a jacket into work. At the end of shift, change at work, into other scrubs, which I strip off as soon as I am home, throw into the washer, take a shower, go to bed.

Washing all my work clothes twice, showering, scrubbing down, hoping I don't bring any of the germs home.

photo credit: Charles Deluvio, Unsplash

What is your pet thinking each day?

I think this is working out pretty good for me.

So happy.

I am having the best time ever.... SQUIRREL!

I think the needy little humans should go back on the big yellow tube in the morning so I can take long hikes off leash with my Mom

I think I wish you were at work more.

What is wrong with you?

My pet just died you heartless bastard.

Why is the toddler home all day trying to run me over with his trucks? I thought he went to school?

My humans are here all the time... I can probably trick them in to feeding me more often.

I think the humans need to get out more.

I think they're getting lazy.

“Why is this asshole spending so much time at the house? Mama needs her alone time.”

She's pretty stoked. Gets walked five times a day. "I think this is great."

photo credit: Bonnie Kittle, Unsplash

I think you're getting fat, but I love you anyway. Maybe we should go for another walk!

My pet dog Sydney died February 22 just before the pandemic hit. It was sad as expected, but in a way she was lucky to not suffer much. We are on the waiting list for a new pandemic puppy.

I knew they always wanted to stay home with me. It took my five years to convince this family but glad to see they finally got it and are with me all day long.

Trump is a narcissistic idiot.

This is lit.

I wish that I existed.

“...this is so awesome. I hate being pet with gloves, though, and I will let my displeasure be known through brief episodes of violence and bloodletting."

I love having my people around all day! I get so lonely looking out the window waiting for someone to come home and love me!

Why does she spray her shoes with lysol every day?

Why are you home? Why is HE home too!?

He seems stressed.

I think my mom needs a beach vacation after all of this.

photo credit: Caleb Woods, Unsplash

When people ask you if you're ok, and you nod "yes," what do you really want to say?

I need a freaking vacation, and higher pay.

I'm tired. Tired of hearing about COVID, tired of living COVID, tired of working, tired of correcting misinformation. Don't worry I feel horribly guilty saying all of that, so I don't.

No, I’m not doing OK.

I’m ok but worried and feel stifled by hospital admin about our concerns as providers.

No I'm not okay. But I don't want people to think I'm *actually* not okay. Nodding yes and keeping my head down is easier than explaining how much I hate this, and you can avoid the repercussions of people thinking you're not actually okay.

I'm OK, now. I can compartmentalize for short periods of time, followed by waves of grief, anger, sadness. Repeat.

From the editors at triage, Thank You for reading and Thank You for sharing. Stay Safe.

photo credit: Senjuti Kundu, Unsplash

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