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#3 Silver Lining? #15 Angry?

Updated: May 9, 2020


What has been an unexpected silver lining on this otherwise dark cloud?

I don't want to beat my fiancé over the head with a paddle yet. We got a taste of what marriage will be like during tough times.

More time with family. Realizing what an essential job I have, especially in comparison to several of my friends who have zero income coming in from work.

I actually enjoy having my teenagers in the house more!

No pressure to do anything, see anyone or attend family gatherings that you have no interest in attending.

Coming together with friends even more than before, just in a different way

Catching up on projects at home.

a lot of time at home to be with my dog and my husband.

Spending extra time with my family and being present for big milestone in my child's life.

I’m getting to spend some quality time with my family. Really getting to know their quirks and little charming repetitive unending unremitting grating noises each of them makes…

Spending time with my boyfriend.

My fiancé has a glass of wine at home for me after every shift.

So many ex's coming out of the woodwork. Makes me feel attractive despite the fact that I am likely covered in contaminate. Plus, go figure, pandemics boil the bullshit out of most conversations, so everything seems a bit more meaningful.

My fiancé has been able to explore her interests at home, while spending less time stuck at work.

My beautiful daughter was placed on this planet to dance, it is such an incredible gift she was given. Normally, I don't get to see her practice, which she usually does several times a week at her studio. I only see performances a couple of times a year, and they are amazing. But, now, she dances in our family room, with the barre we got for her, because of this world we now live in. And, I sit, curled in a chair and I get to watch. It is my gift right now. With the sun streaming in on her, she is so beautiful and she fills me with a joy that is so profound, it makes all of this worth it.

Maybe a girl

It has been very nice to see the outpouring of support from the community for first responders. With everybody doing virtual hangout, I've been able to see and talk to my friends across the country/globe with a MUCH greater frequency than usual—it has been nice getting to talk with old friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Staff stepping up to do more work and recognizing some of the unnecessary work that is placed on residents that does not have educational purposes.

More depth of connection with coworkers and others. Learning to reach out and ask for help.

I had an unexpected injury that kept me out of the first wave of this. Because the ED had such a decrease in volume initially it took the burden off my co-residents. I'm thankful for that.

Disasters are my jam.

So many people reaching out to help.

Zoom actually works well.

Not many kids are getting sick from other viruses because of being out of school and social distancing.

I have an amazing career and I’m very lucky to be able to help during this time.

In some respects, I feel a camaraderie with my colleagues—we are truly all in this together.

Actually caring for terribly sick patients is way better than sitting around reading precautionary emails.

Having patients thank me.

Getting rid of Trump.

Well, I've been saying for years that the healthcare system is top-heavy but that people are so selfish they'll never fix it willingly—it has to crash and burn to be rebuilt. It's darkly gratifying to see it happening.

I have more energy and feel less tired because I'm not always on the go.

Playing animal crossing?

I'm exercising more.

Finding matching socks.

Stimulus check.

A pandemic is a great time to buy a boat.


What makes you angry during the pandemic?

It didn't have to be this way. We had plenty of warning.

The lack of control.

Almost everything.

The people not taking this seriously.

I really dislike how people use the pandemic, and their position as healthcare workers, to build their brand and self-promote. Enough with the social media posts of yourself wearing PPE. STOP the attention-seeking, humblebrag-ridden editorials.

All the nay-sayers. Those who can't think beyond themselves. Those who think they know best but actually have no idea what they are talking about. Those who focus the narrative on themselves rather than the greater good.

People are selfish.

Pay-cuts, lack of PPE, governmental failure.

The president of the United States.

Government leaders who are doing a bad job

Trump. I'm livid.

Trump—every day without fail. Also, our continued lack of testing.

Everything Trump.

Government's response, the people who don't believe in science


People disobeying stay at home orders. People blatantly disregarding social distancing. People thinking their mundane and unnecessary activities are worth others dying. Politicians saying that deaths are worth it if it means our economy grows. Politicians using this as a time to shut down abortion facilities.

The self righteousness of people who proclaim to know what's best for everyone and want the power over other people.

Selfish people who hoard toilet paper, flour, etc. and protest in large groups. Also Trump, because he's a selfish sociopath who's getting people killed.

People thinking that it's a hoax, or that we should just re-open and let the chips fall where they may. Like, they don't realize that this thing is killing young, otherwise healthy people. They don't realize that "well we have to reopen sometime" means being okay with the fact that thousands of people will die.

Trump and his "igno-rants" (neologism?), this administration's bad leadership, the discovery that the "pro-life" party is more concerned about money than people dying.

All the political BS-the finger pointing and blaming. People taking advantage of it for their own personal gains.

I am inhibited from answering this.

A 10% salary cut, cutting my overtime AND benefits.

Our country's lack of leadership. Hospital admin who take us for granted. The fact that JCAHO still exists.

Lack of help from family to keep up with regular household chores.


People protesting the stay at home order. I had to delete Facebook. I couldn't take it.

The people who think that the "inconvenience" of closing down the economy is worse than the people who are actually sick

This shut down doesn't seem like a longterm plan. I feel like something more moderate is a better plan and it’s not ok to voice that opinion.

People who won't take this seriously.

Conspiracy theorists who don't believe that COVID-19 is real. My patients showing up in medical grade N95 masks that don't fit. This is particularly irritating when I am re-using and disinfecting the same mask for multiple patient encounters.

Polite reprimands from people in suits.

From the editors at triage, Thank You for reading and Thank You for sharing. Stay Safe.

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