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#6 surprised to miss? #12 small moments?

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The editors of triage are proud to announce that this post has been curated by health humanities scholar and guest editor, Sarah Berry, PhD. She joins us from SUNY Oswego, where she is currently a visiting assistant professor. In addition to this role, she co-leads the Health Humanities Consortium curriculum and assessment subcommittee.

#6 Is there anything that you're surprised to miss during the pandemic?

Normal routines. Normal neighborly interactions.

I weirdly want to go to a bakery. I don't usually go to bakeries very much.

Sitting at a coffee shop and not worrying about people walking by me.

Quick, stress-free trips to the grocery store.

Seeing co-workers more


Gym, food restaurants, seeing people in person, hugs. my doggie who died a few months ago

10% of my salary

I'm not surprised about it, but I miss surgery a lot

Seeing peoples’ faces and coming to work. Also my nanny!

Gym access. I usually have to drag myself to go but now that I can't I miss it

Running errands

Gym (but not really).

Not having to worry that I didn't lysol the lysol container after I touched it.

The option of leaving my house even when on days off previously, I rarely left

Seeing my other co-residents

I miss waking up at 5 am to go to work every day

The Library... all its wonderful fresh distractions

I will never take going out to dinner for granted again. Or getting a hair cut from a professional.

I really miss going out with friends

Massages, travel, eating out, races, friends, gatherings of any type.

People watching. Dancing. Hugging friends and coworkers.

I really miss hugging my friends.

Yes, crowded spaces.



Our weekly teaching conference

Routine, uncomplicated fast-track patients

Fentanyl overdoses.


Not really missing much to tell you the truth--maybe the ready supply of good toilet paper.

Not having to wear a mask, and the freedom to travel as I wish.

Browsing the home goods sections at Marshalls

Having people in my living room.

I didn't realize how much I love hugs.

Going to the office?

Going to church


Dog park joy of pet



photo credit: Andrea Bertozzini

#12 What small moments have taken on added meaning for you?

There are the most amazing hawks and owls I am noticing in the forest next to our house. They are easier to see without the leaves in yet.

Going on a run but being careful to swerve people, or laughing as they swerve completely out of my way


Talking to colleagues via text.


Laughing with my siblings

When you're on quarantine for what seems like a lifetime, and you go for a walk (in a wide open space!), and you see a stranger's smiling face, you say hello... I think, "oh, thank God, I'm not alone." 

Daily walks

Making coffee in the morning with my family

Crawling into bed

Going to the grocery store 

Being in nature

Delivering a baby (I'm an OB resident), proof that life continues even in weird situations

Reading young children’s books out loud to my now big kids..... remembering when they were little and the days at home felt similarly long. Taking solace in the simple messages in those books at the end of the day... love, acceptance for who you are, forgiveness

Spending time with friends at work 

Putting my kids to bed at night, random texts from parents of my kids’ friends thanking me or reaching out to me 

Updating family members more than usual.

Going to the bathroom by myself, my kids are always around. 

Watching birds, nature, appreciating family and pets more!

Delivering food to my son and his/ my family

Seeing we still have some toilet paper left when I get up in the morning.

Getting in the car and going for a drive. It’s a nice change of scenery. 

All social interactions

Businesses that are hurting in the community bringing food to the ED

ANIMALS. Watching them, how hard they work, how little they complain.

Enjoying "family time" on Animal Crossing.

Hugging my family members

Seeing my co-residents

Going to work. Leaving the house. Grocery shopping. 

Walks with my dog, laughing on the couch, and Thai food take out. 

Extra time with patients when it’s slow.

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