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#9 Funny? #17 What scares you?

Photo by Larry Costales on Unsplash

Curated by Sarah Berry, PhD

What have you found funny in this time? How does it feel to laugh?

Some seriously funny memes. I laughed so hard at one I chipped my damn tooth. Which I can’t get fixed because the dentist is closed. I love to laugh. So I don’t really care about the tiny chip in my tooth.

I fake laugh. I haven’t genuinely laughed in a while.

SO emotionally labile - if it doesn't make me laugh, it makes me cry.

Dark humor, memes. It feels important to laugh.

Reality, always crazy.

CNN and trump giving medical advice.

All the people walking around my neighborhood outside, alone with masks on—and the crazy “PPE” that they create—ski masks and sock-masks. I feel a little guilty laughing sometimes because it’s not really appropriate, but in medicine we always have a bit of a sick sense of humor.

Dark nurse humor always keeps me going. Laughing, comforts me.

The sugar cookies my wife and daughter made and decorated from a toilet paper-shaped cookie cutter that was given to ED staff members.

Mostly ironic/sarcastic laughs about how ridiculous this is. I enjoy joking and laughing but it feels like gallows humor these days.

I love gallows humor. The best laughs we've had are talking about how JCAHO wouldn't DARE show up now. They're micromanaging cowards who are hiding at home sipping pinot grigio and buying whimsical shit on ETSY.

Situations at work that are weird and hilarious, some to do with COVID, some unrelated.

What people in stores do for imagined personal protection. (walmart is a mask freak/fashion show)

Some people's reaction to cleaning and how careful they are. Feels just the same to laugh.

Tik tok videos, memes.

Dr. Glaucomflecken on Twitter, my dog.

Silly coronavirus memes.

Dark humor-all around. It has been immensely helpful to imagine telling stories about this time and laughing my fool head off at how crazy everything is. And it makes it easier to bear.

People's creative pandemic outfits—seeing pictures of people using party hats as face masks, etc. Therapeutic.

Trying to figure out how to have sex in the third trimester. Laughter is a blessing.

My animals are ridiculous—cat is so evil, dog is autistic.

I rely heavily on late night TV clips for humor (Colbert, Kimmel, Meyers, SNL). They have definitely delivered by doing shows from home. That has kept my spirits up.

My nephew screaming "Joe Biden" repeatedly on video calls because he knows it will get the adults' attention. It feels good to laugh.

I don't know...

What scares you during the pandemic? 


I'm not ready to die yet. And I'm not ready for my loved ones to, either. That's what it comes down to.

If family or friends get critically ill from COVID

Dying and leaving my kids with no one to love them.

Am I going to get my partner sick?

Whether I will get infected and how susceptible I may be. Loss of life in general due to poor planning and response by this administration.

My own death and inadequate preparation for family support despite robust resources and planning

Picturing my husband intubated, my loved ones intubated and alone.

Hurting my family/friends by bringing the disease to them.

I'm afraid I am going to get my children or husband sick.

My parents getting sick.

How will my wife ever be able to deal with all the junk I have accumulated if I would die from COVID-19?

Losing my parents or grandmother to this virus.

My parents, grandparents, brother, partner, me getting sick.

My family being sick.

That my family might get sick.

Giving the disease to my wife

Thought of my loved ones getting sick

The thought of dying thousands of miles from my family, completely alone.

Loss of life and job.

Someone I love dying, economy combusting.

I'm scared for our economy and small businesses.

All the unknowns. The seemingly long slow haul this is destined to be. That this is just the beginning of the end.

Getting sick and not going back to normal work conditions. I miss the ED the way it used to be. It’s sooo serious now.

This going on FOREVER. Getting really sick. Dying.

That this could come back and worse next time

The future.

All the uncertainty.

The uncertainty of what is to follow.

How quickly people can decline.

Dying alone.

Swabbing angry patients. Getting to and from work. Knowing that I will be infected at some point.

Other people, really. Just the sheer stupidity, and the idea that with all we've seen we're supposed to trust anyone's judgment anymore.

Death and people listening to President Donald Trump and taking his advice

Is this going to push our country into being a failed state? What happens next?

When it will end

Not knowing when this will end. I'm also scared that the summer will bring out the selfishness in society and more people will die when they decide to hang around outside.

That even after everyone else can go back to regular life we will still be at risk of transmitting it to others. Feels like it will be a long time before I feel safe being around others.

I’m scared about how long we will carry the effects of this. Of what we’ve seen and felt.


From the editors at triage, Thank You for reading and Thank You for sharing. Stay Safe.

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