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Trios Volume 1: #19 Patient? #21 Person? #2o Changes?

Photo Credit: Jerry Wangon, Unsplash

Curated by Sarah Berry, PhD

#19 Which patient that you cared for during the pandemic have you been thinking about? Why?

Every patient that I've made CMO (comfort measures only) or sent to hospice. I have so much love and respect for these families who make these hard decisions without even being able to be in the hospital with their loved ones. Holding an iPad over a patient's face, making sure the view is good so that patient and family can see each other, is honestly the most amount of good I can do as the patient's doctor in some cases.

#21 Who is the person you're most afraid will contract COVID?

My kid with asthma.

#20 What changes do you hope to see in your workplace, society, or the world after the pandemic is over?

That we start caring about essential hospital personnel the way we care for patients. That teachers get more respect. And so do janitors.


From the editors at triage, Thank You for reading and Thank You for sharing. Stay Safe.

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