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Trios Volume 3: #19 Patient? #21 Person? #2o Changes?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Photo by Lasse Møller on Unsplash

#19 Which patient that you cared for during the pandemic have you been thinking about? Why?

I think a lot about the patient whose wife brought him to the ED because he couldn't breathe. He had previously been in hospice. Although he wasn't intubated, he was started on vasopressors and was COVID positive. We couldn't get him off pressors for long enough to get him back to hospice. He died without any family with him in the hospital. I wish people knew the implications of an admission to the hospital during this. I wish we were more proactive about end of life discussions. I wish we as ED doctors more often considered what we 'ought' to do rather than what we 'can' do. 

#21 Who is the person you're most afraid will contract COVID?

Resident physicians. I'm not just saying this because residents comprise most of the "Triage" leadership and obviously are very powerful. I'm saying it because I'm an attending and it will make me physically sick if a trainee becomes ill because we deeply care about each other and we'd like to believe we're smart and in control and can protect those in our charge. In emergency medicine, we like to work hard and we're drawn to the unknown but the unknowns for coronavirus are above the recommended daily allowance.

#20 What changes do you hope to see in your workplace, society, or the world after the pandemic is over?

For people making the decisions to actually see what it's like working on the floor. Some of the new standards are putting a lot of pressure on our nurses.


From the editors at triage, Thank You for reading and Thank You for sharing. Stay Safe.

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